BAT54S-E3-08: Overview, Features, and Applications

The BAT54S-E3-08 is a Schottky barrier diode designed for general-purpose switching and rectification. Manufactured by Vishay Semiconductor, this component is widely used in various electronic applications. Below is an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: Schottky Barrier Diode
  • Package: SOT-23
  • Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor
  • Polarity: The BAT54S-E3-08 is a unipolar device known for its low forward voltage drop and fast switching characteristics.



  1. Dual Diode Configuration: The BAT54S-E3-08 is configured as a dual diode, providing two diodes in a single package, offering design flexibility and space efficiency.

  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: It demonstrates a low forward voltage drop, making it ideal for efficient rectification in both low and high-frequency applications.

  3. Fast Switching Speed: The diode has fast-switching characteristics, well-suited for applications requiring rapid on/off transitions.

  4. High Reverse Voltage Capability: Capable of withstanding relatively high reverse voltages, making it suitable for applications requiring reverse voltage protection or rectification.

  5. Surface Mount Package: The SOT-23 package allows for straightforward integration into printed circuit boards, catering to modern electronics manufacturing requirements.

  6. Low Leakage Current: It exhibits low reverse current, making it suitable for applications where low leakage is required.


  1. Signal Demodulation: Employed in demodulation circuits to extract modulation from a carrier wave, such as in radio frequency circuits.

  2. Signal Clipping and Protection: Used in clipping or protection circuits, especially where protection against voltage spikes or reverse voltage is essential.

  3. Logic Gates and Circuitry: The dual diode setup enables its use in creating simple logic gates and circuitry, particularly in OR and AND logic functions.

  4. Voltage Multipliers: Found in voltage doubler and multiplier circuits, used to generate higher DC voltages from AC sources.

  5. Switching Applications: Its fast switching characteristics make it useful for switching and general-purpose rectification in a variety of applications.

  6. Oscillator Circuits: Its fast switching speed makes it suitable for use in oscillator circuits, especially in high-frequency or high-speed applications.

  7. Power Management: Used in rectification circuits to convert AC to DC in power supplies and various low-power devices.

The BAT54S-E3-08 diode, with its dual diodes in a common cathode setup, represents a versatile component widely utilized in a range of electronics applications including signal processing, rectification, and protection.

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